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Smart Guide to No Credit Check Mobile Phones

Did you know that bad credit score could affect your contract phone application? If you have a poor credit rating and you’re applying for a contract phone deal, you’ll quickly find out that it’s not easy to get approved. In fact, you may get a rejection or two before you realize that you may be better off opting for a no credit check mobile phone for the meantime.

In case you’re thinking of exactly applying for a no credit check phone, this quick smart guide will help you make the right decision.


What are no credit check mobile phones?

No credit check phones are widely popular in the UK today. These are phone deals that cater to mobile users who are having a hard time getting approved for a traditional contract phone. With this type of deal, no credit checks are run on applicants, hence faster approval. And it works just like any contract phone deal. You’ll get a combo of handset of your pick and a bundle plan, which includes your call, text and data allocation each month. For more info on this type of deals, go to this useful site for tips, guides, insider tricks and more.

Who can apply for this deal?

If you meet the basic requirements such as being of legal age and a UK resident, you can apply for a no credit check phone. Even if your credit rating includes history of defaults or past CCJs, there’s nothing to worry about. No credit check phones are deals that exist to cater to customers like you. Just meet the basic requirements and provide proof of income to get approved for a deal in no time usually in 24 hours or less.


How much does the deal cost?

Like with traditional contract phone deals, the cost of your no credit check phone will vary from offer to offer. In general, the cost will be affected by two major factors, which are pick of handset and your bundle plan. If you pick a high-end handset, for example, it follows that your monthly fee may be expensive than if you stick with a mid-range handset option.

Why choose no credit check phones?

There are a few advantages you can enjoy when you apply for a no credit check phone. As mentioned above, one of the key advantages is the fact that you don’t have to worry about credit checks. If you meet the requirements, your application is often good as approved. Another advantage is the fast processing. Most providers offering this type of deal guarantee same day approval. Granted that you’re eligible and your requirements are ready, you can get approved in hours or utmost up to 24 hours.

No credit check phones also let you own a handset without buying it upfront. Even if it’s just a budget or mid-range handset, you’ll get the unit for free as part of the incentive of a contract phone deal.

Is it for you?

While there are excellent advantages that go with no credit check phones, this type of deal is not always suitable for everyone. When you’re applying for this type of deal, make sure it’s exactly what you need and you can afford. Otherwise, you may end up paying more than necessary on your monthly bill. On one hand, if you’re sure that a no credit check phone can save you a lot of money in the long run then you should go for it. Just remember to always pay your monthly fees on time to avoid penalties or extra charges.



8 Best Bad Credit Credit Cards to Choose From

When you have a poor credit rating, it’s almost impossible to avail a credit card. With credit checks a part of assessment process, you won’t be able to hide the fact that you have bad credit and worse, a history of CCJ. Most providers would out rightly reject your credit card application for the major reason that you are a high-risk customer. Fortunately, there are such things as bad credit credit cards.

Bad credit credit cards are offers that are specific for consumers with bad credit issues. These types of cards, in general, are easier to get approved for and make a handy alternative for standard credit card options for regular consumers with good credit.

If you’re looking to apply for one, here are some of the best bad credit card options available for you to choose from:

Aqua Advance

This credit card has a max credit limit of £1,200 at Representative APR of 29.6%. Considering that you have poor credit, this option offers relatively low APR for consumers like you. It is also suitable for people with limited to no credit history.

Marbles Classic

Just like the aqua Advance, marbles Classic has a max credit limit of £1,200 at Representative APR of 29.7%. This option is specific for people with bad credit looking for a low APR. If you have little to no credit history yet, you are also welcome to apply for this option.

Capital One Classic Platinum

With higher credit limit, Capital One Classic Platinum is another suitable option for people with bad credit. Representative APR is variable at 29.8%. The max credit limit is set at £1,500. You get one interest rate for all transactions and when used well, this card can help you build your credit history.

Aquis Visa Card

With lower max credit limit at £1,000, the Aquis Visa Card is ideal for people with bad credit who want to test the waters. You can always opt to have your credit limit increased up to £3,500 later if you’re eligible. Representative APRs for this option ranges from £29.8% to £59.9% depending on a few factors. One of which is your credit rating.


Granite Credit Card

Though more expensive than the other options at 34.9% APR, this granite Credit Card is easy to get approved for especially if you have a bad credit history that includes past CCJs. Max credit limit is initially set at £1,000 but can be increased up to £3,500 after your 5th statement.

Ocean Finance Credit Card

If you want fast response for your credit card application, the Ocean Finance Credit Card is worth looking at. This option promises to give you a response in 60 seconds. Max credit limit for this credit card is £1,500 at relatively higher Representative APR of 34% than other options.


Another option that promises to give you a response on your application in 60 seconds is Luma. The card features a max credit limit of £1,500 at representative APR of 35.9%. This one is particularly easy to get approved for especially since more than 300,000 people with bad credit have already availed this option.


aqua Start

If you want a credit card that offers a manageable credit limit, the aqua Start is preface for you. The max credit limit for this option is set as low as £300. The representative APR, however, is steeper than other options at 49.9%. To help consumers not exceed the credit limit, providers send out text reminders so your spending will always stay in control.