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8 Best Bad Credit Credit Cards to Choose From

When you have a poor credit rating, it’s almost impossible to avail a credit card. With credit checks a part of assessment process, you won’t be able to hide the fact that you have bad credit and worse, a history of CCJ. Most providers would out rightly reject your credit card application for the major reason that you are a high-risk customer. Fortunately, there are such things as bad credit credit cards.

Bad credit credit cards are offers that are specific for consumers with bad credit issues. These types of cards, in general, are easier to get approved for and make a handy alternative for standard credit card options for regular consumers with good credit.

If you’re looking to apply for one, here are some of the best bad credit card options available for you to choose from:

Aqua Advance

This credit card has a max credit limit of £1,200 at Representative APR of 29.6%. Considering that you have poor credit, this option offers relatively low APR for consumers like you. It is also suitable for people with limited to no credit history.

Marbles Classic

Just like the aqua Advance, marbles Classic has a max credit limit of £1,200 at Representative APR of 29.7%. This option is specific for people with bad credit looking for a low APR. If you have little to no credit history yet, you are also welcome to apply for this option.

Capital One Classic Platinum

With higher credit limit, Capital One Classic Platinum is another suitable option for people with bad credit. Representative APR is variable at 29.8%. The max credit limit is set at £1,500. You get one interest rate for all transactions and when used well, this card can help you build your credit history.

Aquis Visa Card

With lower max credit limit at £1,000, the Aquis Visa Card is ideal for people with bad credit who want to test the waters. You can always opt to have your credit limit increased up to £3,500 later if you’re eligible. Representative APRs for this option ranges from £29.8% to £59.9% depending on a few factors. One of which is your credit rating.


Granite Credit Card

Though more expensive than the other options at 34.9% APR, this granite Credit Card is easy to get approved for especially if you have a bad credit history that includes past CCJs. Max credit limit is initially set at £1,000 but can be increased up to £3,500 after your 5th statement.

Ocean Finance Credit Card

If you want fast response for your credit card application, the Ocean Finance Credit Card is worth looking at. This option promises to give you a response in 60 seconds. Max credit limit for this credit card is £1,500 at relatively higher Representative APR of 34% than other options.


Another option that promises to give you a response on your application in 60 seconds is Luma. The card features a max credit limit of £1,500 at representative APR of 35.9%. This one is particularly easy to get approved for especially since more than 300,000 people with bad credit have already availed this option.


aqua Start

If you want a credit card that offers a manageable credit limit, the aqua Start is preface for you. The max credit limit for this option is set as low as £300. The representative APR, however, is steeper than other options at 49.9%. To help consumers not exceed the credit limit, providers send out text reminders so your spending will always stay in control.


Boost Credit Rating with Bad Credit Credit Cards

Did you know that you can boost your poor credit score with credit cards? Contrary to conventional wisdom that credit cards are generally bad for finances, when used right, these financial products can actually do wonders for your credit score. The prerequisite, naturally, is to know how to use it to your advantage. In this quick guide to using credit cards to improve your credit score, we’ll teach you exactly that.

Credit cards for people with bad credit

If you have bad credit and you’re hoping to get approved for a credit card, prepare for some rejections especially if you’re applying from major providers. If you want quick approval, you’d be better off ditching the typical credit card offers and opt for a bad credit credit card instead.


Bad credit credit cards are options specifically offered for consumers with bad credit. Whether you want a manageable credit limit or a higher one, there are plenty of options available in the market. Your job is to look for the right type of credit card to suit your needs. Once you find the right credit card offer, you can apply and get approved fast even if you have a poor credit score.

Just remember that bad credit credit cards have some caveats to keep in mind. Because the financial product is specific for certain type of consumers, the representative APR can be higher than if you have a good credit score. It means that these cards are usually more expensive than traditional options. If you misuse this type of credit card, chances of putting your credit rating at an even worse position are highly possible.

Credit card practices to live by

Now that you understand the risks involved when getting a bad credit credit card, the next step is to make sure that you know the best practices to live by in order to effectively boost your credit score.

Once approved for a credit card, there are important things you need to commit to in order for this to work. One of which is to make sure that your spending or credit card charges are below 30% of your credit limit. For instance, if your credit card’s max credit limit is £1,000, you need to keep your charges below £300. This way, credit agencies will see that you’re being a responsible credit card user. Maxing out your credit card and paying it in full at the end of the billing period is rarely seen as a responsible financial move.

In addition to keeping your credit card charges at minimum, you must also commit to paying your bill in full each month. One of the common mistakes of most credit card users is just paying the minimum recommendation on their bill. You don’t want to follow in their footsteps. If you simply pay the minimum, you’re only putting your bill at risk of incurring higher interests in the long run. You should practice paying your bill in full because that’s one of the most effective ways to boost your credit score.

After a few months of keeping your spending at minimum and paying your bill on time and in full, you should be eligible for a credit limit increase. You can take advantage of this offer but make sure that you’re going to continue to stick with the best credit card practices in order to continue improving your credit score.

As you can see, credit cards aren’t all that bad. You just need to use it right in order to reap the advantages it can offer especially when it comes to your credit score.