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"Some day soon I hope to be able to say I enjoyed it without gritting my teeth ..."


"He began to respect, and have confidence in himself ..."


"He started to realise his full potential and he actively began to set personal goals for his own life ..."



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"It left me with the impression that if there's something you want to do, go out and do it.  Don't be afraid of failing or making mistakes ..."


"I have been able to express my views in every day life with more ease ..."

"The first few days were rather quiet as everyone found their bearings and began to make friends ... as the course went on bonds between us grew stronger ... the most taxing activity was the third and final expedition ... two days on foot, two in canoes and one under canvas ... we had to organise distances per day, possible camp sites, escape routes, rough time scales and where to meet the other group to pick up the canoes".

"It was a worthwhile experience which I hope will continue to remain available for others as it has truly changed me"



Sir Francis Chichester inspired the whole Nation throughout his adventurous career.  From pioneer pilot between the Wars to daring sol yachtsman in the 1960s, he challenged us all to reach further and higher in our own lives.

At his request, the Trust which bears his name was established to support young people from Devon undertaking Outward Bound Training: to answer the hope stated at the top of this column.

The trust is the appointed Devon agent for Outward Bound.

Each year, young people face new problems.  Outward Bound training helps them find the power to meet and surmount those problems.

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An odd combination?  Yet each has a name that has entered our language.  A Name that defines.  A name that marks them as pre-eminent.

Outward Bound has been pre-eminent for 50 years, and it's no accident.

It needs experience to juggle conflicting demands of safety and adventure so that each and every participant makes the most of the challenge of Outward Bound.

Kurt Hahn, its founder, set a philosophy that applies to Outward Bound and its students:

"We are all better than we know
If only we can be brought to realise this
Maybe we will never settle for anything else"

IF YOU AGREE ... Support our work:
Help the Sir Francis Chichester Trust get the deserving young people of Devon to Outward Bound.  Help them find the confidence to achieve.

To find out more how you can help, and to discuss the most efficient ways to support us, please contact:

The Secretary
Sir Francis Chichester Trust
YFC Centre
Retail Park Close
Marsh Barton Road

Tel: 01392 250976

Registered Charity Number: 301033